Timber Retaining Wall Australian Standards

Timber Retaining Wall Australian Standards

Professional Providers of Australian Standard Timber Retaining Walls

At Engineering On Demand, we know how expensive building a timber retaining wall according to Australian standards can be. Kris, the owner, noticed a gap in the market and seized the opportunity to make engineering more accessible to everyone. Through Engineering On Demand, you can get your own set of drawings that meet Australian standards for your project. You won’t have to worry about drafting plans that meet council requirements as all our standards are council ready.

In addition, if you find the submission process daunting, we’re more than happy to help prepare your council documents and submit them on your behalf. These include a certified building application, planning application, and r-code variation. Contact Engineering On Demand and provide us with your project specifications. We’ll let you know if we have any standard drawings available for your project. If not, we’re more than happy to draft plans for your timber retaining wall that’ll meet Australian standards nationwide.

Engineered Timber Retaining Walls That Meet Australian Standards

Engineering On Demand specialises in supplying civil and structural engineering projects for retail and trade clients. These include timber retaining walls, masonry walls and outdoor structures – all of which meet Australian standards. We understand that construction can be a slow process, which can be frustrating for all parties involved. Therefore, we’ve formulated a superior system that provides quick and affordable standards compared to other engineering services.

Traditionally, if you were to start your timber retaining wall, you’d need to approach an engineer. They’d then draft plans and provide custom engineering solutions that meet Australian standards. However, with Engineering On Demand, if your project meets one of our prepared standards, we can provide you with council-ready plans for as little as $200. Moreover, if your timber retaining wall doesn’t meet one of our pre-set standards, we’re more than happy to draft custom plans and submit them to the council on your behalf.

Timber Retaining Wall Australian Standards

Timber Retaining Walls Fully Engineered to Australian Standards

Are you building a timber retaining wall and need plans for council submission that meet Australian standards? Engineering On Demand has standard drawings that utilise readily available timber sizes, including but not limited to 50×200, 75×200, and 100×200. In addition, our standards cover timber grades of F14, F7 and MPG10. With Engineering On Demand, your plans will be approved by the council in no time, and you will continue with your building project without further hassle.

In addition, our standards vary for timber retaining walls that use round, square or rectangular posts. Using our drafts, you’ll be able to build retaining walls up to 1.8 metres high that still meet nationwide Australian standards. With easy-to-understand construction notes and diagrams, there’s no more straightforward solution than Engineering On Demand. Lastly, depending on your construction site, you might need standards according to soil class. Our standards cover soil classes such as A, S, M and H. If you can’t find standards that meet your requirements, we’re happy to draft one up for you.

Work will only begin once you accept and approve the quote. Our team will use their expertise to complete your project on time. In addition to getting an exceptional experience, you will also achieve the most amazing value for your money. We are happy when you leave our office as a satisfied client, knowing you have resolved all your soil erosion issues.

Timber retaining walls engineers drawings

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Engineering On Demand is your ideal timber retaining wall specialist, designing to Australian standards. Call us today for high-quality retaining wall drafts that are council-approved.

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