Standard Engineering Drawings/ Development

Standard Engineering Drawing

High-Quality Standard Engineering Drawings for Any Structural Application

At Engineering On Demand, we can assist you in developing standard engineering drawings for any structural or production application. The development of standard engineering drawings is useful for any situation where engineering is required on a repetitive basis, and the influences/forces at play are limited or stay the same.

Engineering On Demand has broad experience developing standards for ourselves and others and will be able to assist you in developing and using the same.

Reason to Invest in Standard Engineering Drawings for Your Business

The reasons why you should invest in a set of standards are cost, ease of use, consistency and dependability.

Once you pay to have a standard developed, you can use it repetitively for no additional cost, spreading out the overall cost of the engineering over multiple jobs for multiple years. The only ongoing cost is a fee for a new registration fee for continued use, making standards highly cost-effective long term.

Standard Engineering Drawing
Standard Engineering Drawing

Establishing a set of standards is great for ease of use and consistency. Once the standards have been developed, your production, construction or design team can be trained to use them. Having standard engineering on hand means that questions can be answered, jobs quoted, and designs changed in-house without needing to refer to a subcontract engineer, saving your business time and money.

A set of engineering standards are consistent and dependable; they never have a sick day, annual leave or have other clients to attend to. You will have the answers at your fingertips without needing to wait for an engineer to action a request.

Why Engineering On Demand is the Best in the Business for Standard Engineering Drawings

The Engineering On Demand team has decades of experience in construction, engineering and developing standard engineering. We have developed multiple sets of standard engineering for building practices and manufactured products and would welcome the opportunity to develop a standard for you.
Our business is grounded in the principles of egoless, and collaborative communication. We listen to what you need, help you to design methods and principles and collate those into an easy-to-read and understand standard, for use in your business.

Standard Engineering Drawing

Our Process

We will discuss your needs and work out whether a set of standard engineering is suitable for your application.

We will send you a quote for the development and drafting of the standard engineering.

Upon acceptance of our quote, we will work with you to design, draft and engineer your standard.

Once drafting and engineering are complete, we will refer the finished standard to you for approval. Once approved, we will issue you with a letter of certification that will last 12 months from issue. This letter will need to be kept up to date to ensure compliance with updates to Australian standards etc.

Get in touch with a client-centric team for the development of standard engineering drawings for all of your structural, production and product requirements.

Patio Engineering

Get patio engineering and specifications, ready for council approval.

Limestone Retaining

Limestone retaining wall engineering for walls up to 4m high.


Fully engineered masonry wall standards for brick and block walls and fences.

Timber Retaining

The most cost effective method to build a retaining wall. Engineered specifications for walls up to 1.8m high.