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What is a site classification?

Site classification refers to the process of categorizing land or an area based on various factors such as soil type, geological composition, topography, hydrology, and environmental considerations. This classification helps in determining the suitability of the site for specific purposes such as construction, agriculture, conservation, or environmental management.

The purpose of site classification can vary depending on the context. In construction and urban planning, for example, it helps identify areas suitable for building structures, taking into account factors like soil stability, flood risk, and terrain. In agriculture, site classification helps determine which crops are best suited for a particular area based on soil fertility, drainage, and climate conditions.

Overall, site classification provides valuable information for making informed decisions regarding land use, development, and resource management.

What is a soil test?

At EngineeringOnDemand, our geotechnical engineers conduct comprehensive soil tests to assess density, moisture, and composition, including clay, sand, and rock content. These tests are essential for several reasons, such as establishing best practices for construction projects in the area and evaluating soil health for agricultural purposes. To ensure accuracy, we collect soil samples from multiple depths, utilizing advanced equipment to provide precise and reliable results.

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We offer a complete service to get your classification report done.

We provide a comprehensive service for generating site classification reports

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An ideal site classification report delivers a thorough soil analysis, detailing the soil conditions and profiles of your site. This report provides essential information for your engineer to design the foundations for your house.

Our lot classification follows Australian Standards AS 2870-2011 for Residential Slabs and Footings and AS 1726-1993 for Geotechnical Investigations.

For residential construction, our lot classification equips both the engineer and builder with the necessary insights to anticipate challenges and address potential obstructions in their design, such as rock, water tables, soft or collapsing soils, and tree roots.

Additionally, the report identifies the site’s wind classification, which is crucial for your engineer and the frame and truss manufacturer.

This cost-effective investigation provides peace of mind and enables builders to accurately estimate foundation costs and manage the risks associated with site conditions.


As a homeowner planning to build a new home or purchase a block of land, it’s essential to understand the subsurface conditions of your site before construction begins. Your builder or engineer will likely request a lot classification (residential geotechnical report).