When Does a Retaining Wall Need To Be Engineered?

When Does a Retaining Wall Need To Be Engineered

When Does a Retaining Wall Need to Be Engineered in South Australia?

If you’re building or planning to build a retaining wall, you might be wondering when it needs to be engineered or not. The project might appear like a simple task to complete; however, most Australian states have councils that need to approve your project before you can start. Our team at Engineering On Demand has developed an easy and affordable solution to this problem. We’ve created standard plans that are council-approved, which your project can adhere to.

So when does your retaining wall need to be engineered? Well, that depends on the project. For example, in South Australia, your retaining wall will need to be approved by council if it’s taller than a meter. It also depends on which zone your retaining wall is situated in and its purpose. For more information, contact Engineering On Demand, and we’ll be able to tell you what requirements your project needs to follow.

Engineering Your Retaining Wall – Contact Us if You Need Plans

Engineering your retaining wall can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the necessary drafting skills or knowledge. In this case, you’ll need to contact a professional with the skillset required to design a wall that meets council and Australian standards. In addition, since retaining walls battle gravity and lateral forces, it’s essential to have your wall carefully designed. So don’t take any chances and contact us for help.

At Engineering On Demand, we can provide a gravity retaining wall to resist soil pressure through weight and geometry design that maintains stability. We can achieve this through our limestone retaining wall, fully engineered by industry professionals to BCA standards. We have the skills to build limestone retaining walls as high as 4m using readily available block sizes of 350x350x1000, 240x350x1000, and 240x350x500. We also provide allowances for Colorbond fencing for walls over 650mm high.

When Does a Retaining Wall Need To Be Engineered
When Does a Retaining Wall Need To Be Engineered

When Does a Retaining Wall Need to Be Engineered: Regulations

ifferent states in Australia have varying regulations for retaining walls. The respective states determine when the wall needs to be engineered. At Engineering On Demand, we can help you contact your local council to determine at what stage this is. However, apart from height, there are other regulations that you must consider. Some of them include;

  • The distance from a neighbouring property
    The wall must not divert water to an adjacent property
  • That your retaining wall is within a metre easement, sewerage pipes, and water mains
  • Be a set distance away from a water body

We consider these factors at Engineering On Demand before suggesting a standard for your retaining wall. If one of our standard plans doesn’t suit your project requirements, we’re happy to draw up a custom plan for you. In addition, if you need help building your retaining wall, we have professional construction services ready to go.

At Engineering On Demand, we have a quality assurance process determining when your retaining wall should be engineered or not. So call our team today for a quality retaining wall design.

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