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At Engineering On Demand we have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers who have a deep understanding of the various types of retaining walls and the best design and construction practices for each. This ensures that all of our retaining walls are designed and built to the highest standards, with safety and stability being the top priorities.

Engineering On Demand is committed to providing excellent customer service. We take the time to listen to your needs and work closely with you to develop custom solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our business model allows us to be highly responsive and accessible, making it easy for clients to get the support and guidance they need throughout the design and construction process.

Types Of Retaining
Walls We Engineer

EOD can engineer all types of retaining walls including concrete, panel and post, stone, masonry and timber walls. Whatever aesthetic you are looking for, we will do the hard work in the background to make sure that you have the best design and plans to build it correctly to code.

For cost effectiveness we have developed engineering standards for limestone and timber retaining walls. Our limestone engineering standards will provide you with signed engineering for walls up to 4m high in soil classes A, S and M. Our timber retaining standards cover both hardwood and treated pine up to 1.8m high in soil classes A, S, M and H. Both standards contain easy to designs, construction notes and diagrams. They come signed and certified, ready to be used for your council building application.

Retaining Wall Engineering Perth
Retaining Wall Engineering Perth

Why Choose Our Retaining Wall Engineering Services?

Retaining walls hold back a lot of weight and need to be built not only to take the loads of the soil directly retained but also any live loads travelling on or near the top of the wall. They also need to be designed specifically for the type of soil onsite and even quantity of rainfall in the area. Designing a safe, strong and durable retaining wall isn’t child’s play which is why you need the sage advise of Engineering On Demand.

Our years in the construction industry not only equate to a strong and durable design, but also one that is cost effective to build. We are aware of varying construction methods and will evaluate your specific site requirements to ensure that any engineering we produce will be cost effective and efficient.

Get in touch today for quality advice and drafted, certified plans for your retaining wall project.

Patio Engineering

Get patio engineering and specifications, ready for council approval.

Limestone Retaining

Limestone retaining wall engineering for walls up to 4m high.


Fully engineered masonry wall standards for brick and block walls and fences.

Timber Retaining

The most cost effective method to build a retaining wall. Engineered specifications for walls up to 1.8m high.