Chinese advocate in engineering and approvals Australia.

Australian engineering Chinese advocate

Chinese advocate in engineering and approvals Australia.

Engineering On Demand are here to help the Chinese community navigate the Australian Building Code and Government development regulatory requirements. 

Navigating the Australian development process.

Project managing a construction project in Australia can be a daunting task for Australian’s let alone those who aren’t Australian or don’t speak English.  

There are many challenges navigating the regulatory requirements for any building venture in Australia. First, the proposed development needs to adhere to the Australian Building code. Secondly, the correct government applications need to be sought and approved before construction can begin. Thirdly, it will need to be ensured that all relevant inspections and tests are carried out to make sure that the new structure is compliant with the approvals.  

At Engineering On Demand we will help you every step of the way to make sure your building development is compliant and approved. We can handle all sizes of structural engineering projects from large scale mining, industrial and residential building all the way down to small scale residential retaining walls, fences, and patios.

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Skyscraper engineering Chinese advocate

An Australian structural engineer fluent in mandarin.

Engineering On Demand have full time mandarin speaking staff who will be able to help you with your building project. 

Having a consultant who speaks your language is important because it makes the complex building process so much easier. The process for government approvals for building work in Australia differ widely from state to state, council to council and even area to area, when you combine that with a gap in communication things can get very frustrating. 

At Engineering On Demand we will listen to what you want to achieve, inform you of the required process and act on your behalf to get your development approved.

For an exceptional engineering experience for your sandstone block retaining wall project, simply call or fill in the enquiry form below.

Patio Engineering

Get patio engineering and specifications, ready for council approval.

Limestone Retaining

Limestone retaining wall engineering for walls up to 4m high.


Fully engineered masonry wall standards for brick and block walls and fences.

Timber Retaining

The most cost effective method to build a retaining wall. Engineered specifications for walls up to 1.8m high.