Masonry Engineering

Masonry Engineering

About Our Masonry Engineering Solutions

Engineering On Demand offers quality and affordable masonry engineering to our clients. Our specialist team has decades of experience in construction and structural engineering and will deliver you considered engineering solutions when you need them. We provide professional advice to our clients to help determine whether your project complies with the BCA and Australian standards and when they don’t, we provide carefully considered performance solutions so that you can build with confidence. In addition, we offer a full service for our clients, including drafting, engineering and council approvals. We act as a part of your team, driven to reduce the burden of compliance red tape to make the construction process as simple as possible.


At Engineering On Demand, we have taken the time to develop a set of masonry engineering standards to cover multiple site classifications and applications. If your project fits our standards, we can provide engineering for a fraction of the cost you would pay elsewhere, click here for more info. You do not have to worry whether your masonry project fits our standard specifications or not. If it does not, our team can design and engineer solutions specific to your project. Whether you are building a stand-alone parapet wall or brick fence, or a multistorey apartment complex, you can depend on our fully qualified professionals to provide the engineering you need. We can take projects of all sizes and take service delivery deadlines seriously. We always work to get our clients the engineering they need when they need it.

Masonry Engineering
Masonry Engineering

Customer-Focused Masonry Engineering Solutions

At Engineering On Demand, we provide quality masonry engineering services across the full scope of structural and civil projects. We strive to build loyal relationships with our clients, focusing on leveraging our expertise to provide considered and innovative solutions within the tightest time frame possible. We guarantee customer satisfaction, regardless of your project’s size and uniqueness. From design to drafting, approval and service during execution, you can rest assured of the best solutions with EOD.


Our experienced team can help with site inspections and masonry engineering wall issues (in selected states only). A comprehensive site assessment will help determine whether your project has problems and what remedial works may be necessary to bring the wall up to par. Our solutions are engineered for each site, and we tackle any underlying challenges. Besides our commitment to providing sound engineering solutions for new builds, we offer advice and technical expertise for remedial works to existing walls as well. If you are unsure of the requirements of your project, please fill out our online form for professional advice.

Masonry Engineering
Masonry Engineering

Why We Are Your Preferred Masonry Engineering Expert?

At Engineering On Demand, we know masonry walls. Our masonry wall engineering standard offers an off-the-shelf solution for walls built with various brick and block sizes for walls up to 2.7m high. They cover wind speeds N1-N3, soil types A, S and M, allow for articulation joints and openings and specify mixes for concrete and mortar. If your wall does not adhere to our masonry wall engineering standards, we can provide custom engineering to suit your specific needs.

Another benefit to our masonry wall engineering standards is that they can be used in conjunction with our patio engineering standards. This allows you to build roofed entertaining areas right up to property boundaries and create cost-effective bricked outdoor rooms.

Please ask us about our special rates for trades and builders. If you are purchasing multiple jobs with us, you can save up to 50% on our standard retail rates.

Get in touch with us today for a professional masonry engineering project. Simply fill in the form below, upload your project plans if you have any, and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Patio Engineering

Get patio engineering and specifications, ready for council approval.

Limestone Retaining

Limestone retaining wall engineering for walls up to 4m high.


Fully engineered masonry wall standards for brick and block walls and fences.

Timber Retaining

The most cost effective method to build a retaining wall. Engineered specifications for walls up to 1.8m high.