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Structural Engineer Near Me.

Engineering on Demand are an Australian online engineering company attempting to answer the query “structural engineer near me” en masse. If you have a basic understanding of what you would like to achieve with your structural project, Engineering On Demand will be able to help you design, engineer, draft and get it council approved for construction. 

For DIY or smaller businesses and projects, we have developed standards for multiple applications including, patios, masonry walls, limestone and timber retaining walls. If your design is achievable in our standards we can offer engineering at a very cost effective rate, either visit our home page or send us an enquiry for details.  We also provide a full council approval service so that you can get back to work or enjoying life knowing that we will be doing the hard work on your behalf. 

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For larger businesses and projects, we offer a comprehensive online structural engineering service with great service, quick turn around times and customer focus rarely seen in the industry. We can fully engineer service stations, large sheds and workshops, carwashes and shade structures and even provide full structural fabrication drawings for the project as well. Our abilities are not limited to structures, if you have something custom like a breaching dolphin ladder or reclaimer boom etc. get in contact and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Our engineering services are offered nationwide in Australia, which means that we are always the “structural engineer near me”.

Patio Engineering

Get patio engineering and specifications, ready for council approval.

Limestone Retaining

Limestone retaining wall engineering for walls up to 4m high.


Fully engineered masonry wall standards for brick and block walls and fences.

Timber Retaining

The most cost effective method to build a retaining wall. Engineered specifications for walls up to 1.8m high.